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Convenient, practical and fun classes with a native speaker anywhere in the world

  • Syloti Language Center

    Learn Syloti using the latest language acquisition techniques for learning second languages.

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  • Bengali Language Center

    Skilled Language Resource Persons have been selected for their native language

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  • South Asian Language

    offers courses in a variety of formats beyond the traditional on-campus

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    All of this at a REASONABLE price with experience and a proven track record.


    Specialists in South Asian Languages

    Our School can take you from not knowing a single word to fluency. Since 2002, we have experience with many of students that have achieved fluency and have gone on to use the language in very practical ways. We use practical exercises to help you move towards fluency.

    With a flexible timetable, an extensive range of lesson topics and your choice of teacher, you can study the way you want to achieve your personal goals.

    Practice and improve your fluency online through live conversation with qualified native speaking language teachers

    Teaching Method

    At DLC Everything we do at our school is practical from just getting
    your feet wet at the beginning to the highest levels our program helps
    you to understand and say what you want to say.